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Thread: : 1000 Lumen White LED exceeds brightness of 50 W halogen attriple the efficiency
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[EE]:: 1000 Lumen White LED exceeds brightness of 50 W halogen at
triple the efficiency

All the above may not be true but its one way of reading the
information available.

Today two of my spies sent me, 21 minutes apart, information on the
above cited 1000 Lumen Ostar LEDs. (Maybe they both have the same news
feed :-) ).

Here's an interesting 15 page PDF being part data sheet and part
application note and wholly neither, for the existing Ostar series
LEDs, which the new ones seem to relate to fairly closely.
This seems to be for units at about half the output of the new and yet
to be released version.


The most powerful one here also uses 6 LED dies. It draws 1 amp (!) at
25 to 30v (table 5, page 10) but "only" outputs 350 - 500 Lumen /
115 - 125 Candella.
A 125,000 millicandella LED is not half bad ;-). Also 250 Lumen at 350

That's about 20 Lumen/Watt at 1 A or  almost 30 lm/W at 350 mA.
Ken's text indicates  75 lm/W at 350 mA or 2.5 times as efficient as
the existing Ostar LEDs.

IF efficiency is in fact up by 2.5X as this suggests then at 350 mA it
would make 625 lm so will not need to be run at 1 A to get the 1000
this means that it will actually run cooler than the existing units so
the heatsinking advice here will be at least good enough for the new



Matthew McMahon said, at 4:37pm :



Ken Mardle said, at 4:16 pm


Osram says....

OSTAR Lighting breaks the 1000 lumen barrier

With its new version of OSTAR Lighting, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
its first coldwhite LED to achieve more than 1000 lumen. This means it
brighter than a 50 W halogen lamp, making it ideal for a wide range of
applications in the general lighting sector. Samples of the new OSTAR
Lighting LED will be produced in the next three months. Market launch
planned for September 2007.

The new LED light source is based on well established components,
means that progress from the development stage to the production stage
be rapid. The enormous increase in brightness is the result of major
improvements to the overall system of chip and package.

The high-flux LED is equipped with six closely packed 1 mm² high-power
chips. This high chip packing density leads to a high luminance. What
means in actual practice is that a single OSTAR Lighting with a 38°
reflector is all that is needed to illuminate a desk with more than
500 lux
from a height of two meters. OSTAR is also settings new standards in
efficiency, producing 75 lm/W from an operating current of 350 mA.

The new OSTAR Lighting LED was developed as part of the BMBF NanoLux
For further information, product data sheets and pricing, please
your local Braemac sales representative.

To find out more visit: http://www.osram-os.com/

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Subject (change) : 1000 Lumen White LED exceeds brightness of 50 W halogen attriple the efficiency

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