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Thread: [PIC] ultra low cost audio out from a microcontroller?
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>I am looking for a way to produce simple "lo-fi" audio
>from a microcontroller pin, in a way that is very low cost.
>In that sense, I am looking for a simple circuit, but don't
>mind if there's some complexity in the software to drive it.
>Think "toy" quality, not anything more.
>Anyone have a cool hardware/software hack for doing audio on the cheap?

Have a look at Olins HAL project, which was a small project he did to
produce Halloween sounds from a PIC chip using the PWM hardware. He also has
a program to convert *.wav files on a PC into a suitable format for use with
this sound generation method.

See http://www.embedinc.com/pic/ to download his development environment and

<0e5601c75bde$52a30070$1979f682@space.rl.ac.uk> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=audio
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