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Thread: - Very Newbie - Progress!
face BY : Ed Edmondson email (remove spam text)

> Hi Ed, it will compile
>> "Symbol not previously defined"
> In the Build Options (or in MPASM if this isn't opened as a  project) turn
> off case sensitivity. The .inc file has >definitions in  upper case, the
> program is in lower case (does anybody actually ever use case sensitivity
> for >asm ????).

Spent most of yesterday in MPASM tring to find a switch to turn off case
sensitivity. I read the MPASM manual front to back, read the online
tutorial, and looked in MPASM without any luck. How about a hint?

I looked at the .inc file and changed the program to uppercase where
necessart and guess what it compiled with no errors. However MPLINK had one
error: I read the MPLINK manual and found the error message but have no idea
what it means.

MPLINK 3.94, Linker
Copyright (c) 2005 Microchip Technology Inc.
Error - section '.org_0' can not fit the absolute section. Section '.org_0'
start=0x00000000, length=0x0000005e
Errors    : 1

<037b01c5cdb5$035fecc0$6401a8c0@edscomputer> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/begin.htm?key=pic
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