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Thread: - Very Newbie - What Do I Do Now?
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I truly am new to microcontrollers. I went to an auction and bought the following items for $25.00.

Picstart Plus Programmer, An ICD-2 in circuit debugger, An orginal ICD with a TransData demo board, A PICDEM 2 plus, misc. 877 demo boards, 25 f876, 877 devices and a CSS PCW C compiler.

The question is where do I begin? I started trying to read some of the Microchip documentation. I tried to build the TUT877.asm found in the original MPLAB ICD book (DS51184B). I finally got the file to assemble, with Bank 0 warnings, but even without errors I received a "Failed To Build" error. Yes, I installed MPLAB IDE version 7.21. The TransData demo board outlined in the DS51184B manual has a short on the board (I guess) because the RC7 LED remains lit even with no processor.

After a week all I seem to have acomplished is used up a lot of time and have only a headache to show for it. Someone at Microchip recommended this list as a possible learning aid.
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/begin.htm?key=pic
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