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Thread: Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC
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alan smith wrote:

>dumb question...but what exactly is the PIC going to be doing?  Seems to me, if you choose a nanowatt part, you could just run it right off the battery bank
Of course it could run right off the battery bank!  And it may well be
that I will wind up doing that.  But I like to have the option of
powering it from the solar panel, and wondered about what problems might
arise if I did so.  From my viewpoint, doing it that way offers some
benefits, such as automatically turning the pic on in the morning and
automatically turning it off at night.  It also makes the wiring
easier.  So far as the first question, the pic will be used to implement
a multi-stage battery charging algorithm.  Keep in mind, now, that this
is a hobbyist project, and as such it does not have to necessarily be
economically "reasonable." :-)


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Subject (change) Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC

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