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Thread: Clutch actuator ideas
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Howard Winter wrote:

> These days in the UK if you pass your driving test in an automatic, it
> qualifies you to drive only automatics. If you pass it in a vehicle with
> manual transmission, you can drive anything

I think this has been that way in Germany for ages (at least it was when I
made the test a couple decades ago :)

> I am pretty used to driving anything anywhere nowadays,

Me too, but it's still a strange feeling when I'm arriving in the States
and pick up a rental and make my first automatic start of the season :)

> but when I'm driving a left-hand-drive manual gearbox, I still have a
> tendency to bang my hand on the door when I go to change gear...

Ouch... I can't even imagine that. It's frightening enough just thinking of
driving on the wrong side of the street, let alone shifting with the wrong
side! (Well, yes, you read that right... it /is/ the wrong side! -- Just
teasing, but it's a bit like the USA with their King's Toenails measures --
that's how someone called the inch recently, maybe even here on this list

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