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Peter wrote:

> In general anything coming into your mailbox and having a To: field that
> is not one of your addresses should be dropped as spam.

Sometimes BCC type addressing is used legitimately. I even try to coerce
friends into using this when sending emails to a few dozen acquaintances
(if I can't persuade them to not do it at all) -- so that they don't spill
everybody's email all over.

> The envelope address (the To: field) and the real delivery address (smtp
> protocol 'rcpt to:' line argument) are different in email
> (unfortunately). [...]
> While this 'feature' makes running mailing lists easier, it also makes
> 90% of spam email possible. It would be good if this hole would be
> closed,

I think the more important hole is that the From: header is completely
unregulated and can contain anything. If this would have to point to a
verifiable address, spam world would probably be different. But I guess
neither has any chance of being realized...

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