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Thread: Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC
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Robert Rolf wrote:

> > With the Nicad, you can probably get enough charge into it during
> the day to be able to run all night. With an LM2931-5 reg you can put
> 4 nicads on the Vcc (4.8v) and they will charge straight off the bus.
> Or you could just run the a PIC in low power mode off your
> charging battteries.

Yes, the first thought was to run the PIC off the charging batteries,
but then it occured to me that (a) no need whatsoever for  the PIC to
run at night, and (b) when the power comes up in the morning, that will
automatically reset the PIC (with MCLR tied to power, of course, which
went off the night before).  Since sometimes a few weeks go in between
my visits to the boat, it probably would be good to have it reset every
day, just on general principles (I would think).

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Subject (change) Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC

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