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Thread: Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC
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Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:

>> Is the trickle charger run from the same solarpanel ?
>And does it charge a normal 12V led battery ?
>If so, you must have like 14-15 volt from the panel, not
It actually is a bit more complex than that.  It does charge a normal
12V lead battery, yes.  The panel will supply about 3.2 amps in maximum
sunlight, and the output voltage from the panel in maximum sunlight is
about 16 volts.  But this goes through a "charge controller" which
ensures that the battery doesn't get overcharged.  I agree that at that
voltage the 7805 would release a lot of heat, and that might be a
problem (although I can mount it on a heatsink).   There will be a lot
of power wasted because normally the batteries will stay topped up
(unless the boat springs a leak and the bilge pump comes on). The entire
purpose of the pic is to make the charge controller smarter than it
presently is (this is the M+ charge controller which some of you may be
familiar with).

I'm making careful note of all these suggestions, so keep 'em coming.  
:-)  Haven't seen anything yet which says that it is completely a
non-starter.  Not yet.

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Subject (change) Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC

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