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Thread: Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC
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While I have some confidence in my ability as a programmer, I have no
confidence at all in my knowledge of electronics (not that I don't give
it my best shot, though).  So would appreciate any comments on a little
scheme I am thinking about.  Without going into the messy details, it
will involve a PIC which will get no power except from a solar panel.  
The voltage from the panel will go to a voltage regulator (probably a
7805) to power the PIC.  The idea is that the PIC will start its work
when the sun comes up and raises the voltage from the panel high enough
to start things.  When the sun is going down, voltage from the panel
will continue to drop (and eventually cease altogether) and the PIC will
go off.  It is a non-critical application, and so long as I get 4 or 5
hours of operation on most days, that will be fine.

Now this seems too simple, so I figure I must be missing something.  
Does anyone see any possible problems that would make it a non-starter?  
(The project has to do with a trickle charger for my sailboat, which
normally has no access to shore power).

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Subject (change) Possible problems using solar panel to power PIC

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