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Thread: Is anyone using MPLAB with WINE?
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I installed WINE on my Fedore Core 4 Linux system late last night, and
tried to run ASM30 with it.  There were errors.  Since this was late,
and I didn't feel like fooling with it (because then I would go to bed
and not be able to sleep, thinking about it) I just turned the computer
off and went to bed without really checking to see what sort of errors I
had -- may very well have just been a cockpit error on my part.

But I am wondering if anyone is running MPLAB (or parts of it) with
WINE.  It could be that it just does not run, and that is that, and no
use my spending any time with it.  But if it is running fine for other
people, then I will give a closer look and see what my problem is.

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