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Thread: Clutch actuator ideas
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Howard Winter wrote:

> That really depends on the clutch!  Most cars have some sort of "hiatus"
> that you can feel as the bite-point comes in - makes it much easier to
> drive something you haven't driven before, compared to trying to
> remember the position of the pedal.  

I know what you mean; I missed that. However, I think it's not the point
where it is about to 'bite' that you feel, it's the point where it's about
to 'unbite' -- you feel the lever starting to separate the clutch disks,
not it starting to engage them. We put that together in our head,
remembering the position. That's why it usually takes a few shifts in a
different car until the position you feel when disengaging the clutch is
stored well enough so that your motoric control remembers it when engaging
the clutch.

>> If you want a feedback, you probably want something related to the
>> torque or rotational speed difference between clutch input and output.
> But you need to feel where it's *about to* bite, when there is no
> transmission of movement - once it's started transmitting movement you
> can tell that by the car itself moving.

Not necessarily. With just a button on the shift stick, I'm not sure this
is easy to realize. It may be easier to have the button be just a button,
and have a controller handle the details of engaging (with the help of rpm
and torque). Or having the button be some sort of 'analog button' and at
least maintaining the engage point automatically always in the same
position (possibly with the help of the force measurement, or with rpm
which might be easier to measure).

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