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Thread: Clutch actuator ideas
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Denny Esterline wrote:

> I have a couple thoughts about sensing the force applied to the clutch
> linkage. The mechanics could be designed with a strain gage to actually
> measure the force, but measuring the actuator current could be effective
> also. It might also be possible to add some software that takes the PID
> values and calculates the approximate load. That load data would be
> translated back to a feedback actuator on the hand controls. Though I'm not
> entirely sold on the usefulness of force feedback on a clutch.

I don't think a force feedback would by you much if anything. The point
where the clutch engages/disengages doesn't seem to translate into a
significant actuator force. If you want a feedback, you probably want
something related to the torque or rotational speed difference between
clutch input and output. This could also be a starting point for a semi
automatic shift.

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