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Thread: Once PS, multiple PICs & ICSP.
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PicDude wrote:

> So the options I see so far are:
> (1)  Raise the DC-DC output to ~5.4V to compensate for the Vdd-diode drop --
> Voltage at each PIC would still vary since power consumption on each module
> will vary significantly -- some have many LED's which can consume up to a few
> hundred mA, or the LEDs can be completely off.  

If you don't drive the LEDs directly from the PIC outputs (say through a
transistor driver), you can power the LEDs from the DC-DC output directly.

> (2)  Modify the programmer to source enough power for the whole board

> (3)  Replace the Vdd diodes with jumpers (shorting blocks) so they can be
> isolated during programming -- simple, but I lose the separation between
> modules.

What do you gain from the diode separation between modules?

> (4)  Connect the anodes of all MCLR diodes together, then to Vdd via a jumper.  

(5) You may also be able to power the board from its own power supply
during programming. Then you don't need to do anything in particular.
Separate the reset inputs from each other by simple resistors and connect
the programmer directly to the PIC.

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