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Thread: Consumerism wins in the final analysis
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I thought that I was immune to buying things that I don't need, and thus
had won my own personal battle against consumerism (which I define as
buying something you do not need).  But I bought a Belkin WAP the other
day, it didn't work correctly, and I called their technical support to
try and iron out the problem.  After about a 20-minute conversation, the
tech rep came to the conclusion that it was a faulty unit and agreed to
ship me a new one.  So far, so good.  But then I  got an email from
Belkin asking me to fill out a survey form on the quality of the
technical support that I got.  Fine.  I did.  I gave the tech rep high
marks (mostly because she agreed with me that the unit was not
functioning properly).  The next day I received another email, thanking
me for participating in the survey, and giving me a "coupon number"
which would entitle me to a 50% discount if I bought something on-line
from Belkin by August 26th.  Sounded good, except that I didn't need
anything.  But then August 26th rolled around, and I began to
rationalize . . . after all, the router that I have COULD go bad, and
wouldn't it be neat to have one just sitting in the box, ready to
plug-and-go?  And 50% off!  Finally gave in and ordered a new router.  
Which I do not need.  Comsumerism wins. :-(

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