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Thread: dsPIC for hobbyists
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William Chops Westfield wrote:

> Hmm.  Another problem with attracting hobbyists to dsPIC is that it
> is both too unique and too ordinary  . . . If one picks a 16F84
> for their first project, they know that even if it isn't the best
> possible choice, it is basically compatible with a LARGE range of
> rather compatible microcontrollers.  

Probably depends on the motivation of the hobbyist.  :-)  If the
motivation is purely to use the dsPIC as a means to an end, and
preferably in the fastest, easiest way, then you are absolutely
correct.  However, there are some of us (I am assuming that I am not the
only one, which may be an incorrect assumption) whose interest is in
exploring the potential of the PIC, rather than actually doing something
with it.  For us, having a new, unique chip that no one has yet done
much with, and that there is not of lot of  tutorial-type material
available on, is exciting.   After all, the starship Enterprise didn't
go check out Chicago -- they went to new, unexplored places.  :-)  

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