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Thread: Re: Jal keeps setting the wrong oscillator type
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James Newton, Host wrote:

>> Does the fact that it is hosted on Yahoo have anything to do with that? If I
>were to make the PICList archive open to the public without registration
>ONLY for JAL posts, would that be any better?
>It just kills me to see people put up with all that Yahoo advertising.

Well, I just cannot resist putting in my two cents worth here, for what
it is worth. :-)  I read the Jal list on Yahoo for awhile, and the
advertising didn't bother me.  (Most ads are blocked on my system, and
what the software doesn't take care of, my internal filtering seems to
take care of).  What did turn me off, to be perfectly candid, was that
it was kind of "blah."  There may be some sort of cultural difference
between Europeans (which (who? whom?) mostly seems to be who post there)
and the USA folk.  The Europeans seem to get in, say what they have to
say, and get out.  (The way guys shop).  The USA folk seem to need to
chew on it for awhile, and discuss it, and bring in all sorts of
extraneous points, most of which often seem to have little to do with
the original point of  the OP.  Which does not keep it from being
interesting, though.

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