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Thread: finger triggered circuit
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Patrick Murphy wrote:

>>> WinActivate("MPLAB IDE v7.10")
>>Maybe use WinActivate("MPLAB IDE *")
> Thanks. I'll make that change.

Not so quickly... :) That didn't work out so well.

The first thing that was wrong is the asterisk. On reading the help, it
does partial matching by setting opt( "WinTitleMatchMode", 2 ), not by
using asterisks or something. I thought I saw this somewhere in the
examples, but I was probably wrong.

So then I had this:

opt( "WinTitleMatchMode", 2 )
WinActivate("MPLAB IDE")

but had at the same time an explorer window open with the MPLAB directory
(and "MPLAB IDE" in the title). Not good... :)

This is what I do now:

; in the header of the file
$mplabTitle = "MPLAB IDE v7.10"

; further down where referencing the title
WinActivate( $mplabTitle )

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Exactly. It can take some time to find the proper unique conditions... a
standardized way to retrieve application states would be /really/ nice :)

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