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Thread: ds30F demo program
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Oh, and by the way Wouter:  You may not need this information (and
probably don't) but just in case:

For both the blink-an-led programs (the ds30F3013 and the ds30F2010) the
physical layout on the breadboard for the person who sets it up and is
all ready to use his (or her) new Wispxxx to program the hex code into
the chip  is exactly the same.  This presumes the 28-pin DIP package, of

Pin 1 (MCLR) pulled high
Pin 8 (GND) to ground
The oscillator between pins 9 and 10.
Pin 13 (Vdd) to +5 volts.
Pin 15 to-resistor-to LED-to-ground  (Note that pin 15 is RD0
    on the 2010 but is RD8 on the 3013).
Pin 19 (GND) to ground
Pin 20 (Vdd) to +5 volts.


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