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Thread: dsPIC for hobbyists
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Wouter van Ooijen wrote:

>>I have a webshop selling PICs (and a lot of related things). One might
>think this free samples program would hurt me, but I think that is not
>the case. Free samples attract new hobbyists to PICs (who might
>otherwise have bought from me, but maybe would not have considered PICs
>are all), but for larger numbers (10 or so) they will still have to go
>to some shop. And they need stuf beside the PICs, like crystals,
>resonators, LCDs, max232, etc, which I sell :)
When I first got started with this, I bought stuff from you for the
simple reason that you had so much useful material at your website about
how to get started, that it just seemed the proper thing to do.    :-)


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