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Thread: dsPIC for hobbyists
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Wouter van Ooijen wrote:

>> one more suggestion: besides bombarding prospects with sample chips, the
>occasional *printed* datasheet would also be usefull.
It would also be very useful, in the case of a new chip that most people
are not using, for  the programming examples that they put in the
datasheets to actually work!   Let a newbie try the example before it is
published.  There are lots of us that would be willing to do that.  A
professional who just dashes off an example to be printed on a datasheet
may well leave something off because it is obvious to him (or her) that
thus-and-thus must be done and any fool would know that, and so why
bother to put it in the example.  And if Wouter, for example, looks at
the example he will just say "Oh, they forgot to mention that you need
to do thus-and-thus," and go on and do it anyway.  But when I look at
the example, I assume that they way they have it is just exactly how it
is supposed to be.  (Which is why it took me two days to debug my timer

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