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Thread: finger triggered circuit
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Patrick Murphy wrote:

>> For the ones who are not so lucky, AutoIt3 may do the trick. This is a
>> scripting language that allows scripting of Windows GUI applications
>> with reasonable ease. With this, you can add a command line interface
>> to most GUI-only applications.

> I agree. Thanks to someone here on the PIClist (perhaps it was you,
> Gerhard?)

Possibly, but not probably. AutoIt3 has been on my plate to try for a
while, but I just recently got around to actually use it -- with a push by
the absence of a command line interface in the new Ghost. (Who's
interested: http://tinyurl.com/bl8s6)

For using MPLAB's programmer I had used PowerPro scripts so far -- but
that's only useful if you use PowerPro anyway. AutoIt3 is much better for
this type of task, and much easier to get started too. I'll probably write
something like a command line driver for MPLAB over the next weeks.

> WinActivate("MPLAB IDE v7.10")

Maybe use WinActivate("MPLAB IDE *") -- you don't need to touch your script
just because you update MPLAB (if nothing relevant in the menus and
shortcuts has changed).

> Send("{F5}") ; ...in case the debugger is running - this doesn't always work,
> Sleep(500)   ; as pressing F5 manually doesn't always halt the debugger.

Is there something in the window texts that comes up or goes away when the
debugger stops? (I don't use the debugger...)

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