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Thread: I say it is spinach . . .
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Peter wrote:

>> Software doesn't usually wear out (y2k notwithstanding) but it can fail
>> to cope with new situations ...
> Software wears out because there is a market pressure driving hardware
> upgrades (including in domains where this is not mandated).

The major problem with software IMO is not that it wears out, but that it
doesn't work as advertised in the first place.

>> DOS was a fairly support-free operating system, but almost nobody uses
>> it now because someone thought of WIMP interfaces (we won't argue
>> about who that was!).  

> DOS was not a support-free os. It used to take serious magic to make
> device drivers co-exist peacefully and the occasional corrupted disk
> would cause nightmares.

I agree... I think that recent versions of PCs and Windows (and
increasingly Linux) are much more "support free" than MS-DOS ever was.
There are many people who run PCs and do stuff with them who don't know
much more about system support than popping in the installation CD and
following the prompts.

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