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Thread: ds30F demo program
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Back a number of days ago (before I accidentally got involved in the
emotionally wrenching experience of defending Richard Stallman and His
Cohorts, who I do not even happen to completely agree with) I seem to
remember someone posting a plaintive message to the effect that there is
very little information available on programming the ds30F family .  I
seem to remember that the specific complaint was that there was not even
a blink-an-led program available!  Probably true, although I have not
checked.  Searching the Internet for PIC information constitutes a march
through all recorded history, as someone far more articulate than I has
already pointed out.

I do not recall any replies to his or her query -- perhaps it was too
low-level.  After all, the I/O port structure has not changed (the TRISx
is still connected to the LATx is still connected to the PORTx, etc.)  
But the person who asked it was probably sincere, and deserved an
answer.  So while I won't respond to that specific question (although if
he or she is still around and wants such code, I'd be happy to send them
something that will do the trick) I will say that if they will go to
http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/70122b.pdf and get the
manual on the dsPICDEM starter board, there is a fairly good
demonstration program set out in it, in assembly language.  Reading the
demo program in detail is worthwhile.

That is a nice little board by the way.  I bought one.  I sure wish I
could enrich someone like Wouter rather than Microchip, but one has to
go where the product is.  (Is that a hint?  Yes, it is.  Sure would be
nice to see my Wisp628 able to handle a ds30F3013, too.  If someone
wants to update that sucker, I'd be happy to do the grunt work if you
would supply the expertise)..

<4308FF95.1060408@gmail.com> 7bit

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