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Thread: Design Challenge - A better H Bridge MK2
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Russell McMahon wrote:

>> I don't remember who it was who suggested this before, but I liked the
>> idea of using the brake FETs in the bridge and getting the brake effect
>> "for free". Did you check out that circuit?

> You may recall the discussion a few weeks ago where various in bridge
> ideas were tried. My first design applied regulation to the bridge
> proper. The ideal design would integrate bridge, voltage regulator and
> brake. In many designs the need for a near zero quiescent current
> makes life harder.

Yes, and on second thought, the 3.5 V minimum supply voltage doesn't make
the use of FETs as bridge switchers exactly easy.

With the types of products I mostly work on, I rarely get to dive so deep
into how to employ single transistors :)  It's quite interesting to follow
this development. Thanks for sharing -- and please keep the updates coming.

(How's that for a model of open source development? In a sense, that's
pretty much what is going on here...)

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