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Thread: I say it is spinach . . .
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Russell McMahon wrote:

> Some of the examples you raise above and below are less clear cut than
> you suggest or may realise. It's worth challenging the claims to make
> the vital point that there is no fundamental difference between buying
> software or anything else. The difference is more in the sales or usage
> rights models used.

I think one of the core issues is what we consider "property" and where we
restrict property for the public benefit. Every aspect of property is
restricted by law (because any property rights one may have are only
created by law). The question is not whether or not to restrict, but where.
Everything you do to/with your property affects other people, and that's
the reason for the restrictions by law of what you can do to/with your
property -- and what is granted to you as your property right.

Remember also that individual property rights are /not/ natural; they exist
only by law and only insofar as they are protected by the community. The
community will (in the long run) tend to define individual property rights
that make it stronger, more prosperous. And as things change, so will the
view of what kind of property rights are good and useful.

This is as valid for any form of intellectual property as it is for real
estate property. It is not a given that "intellectual property" the way it
is seen today is a good thing.

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