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Thread: I say it is spinach . . .
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Russell McMahon wrote:

>> But I think that the original point was removed in all of this. That
>> point was that since tools like MPLAB are free anyway, why not
>> distribute the source.
> I think they are trying to protect the hardware interface protocol.

If that is true, they think of themselves as being more in the market as a
dev tool vendor than being in the market as a chip vendor... While the dev
tool vendor Microchip may have in interest in keeping the hardware
interface protocol secret, the chip vendor Microchip obviously has an
interest in making it public and facilitate the work of 3rd party tool
developers that in the end increase their chip sales.

I think it's a matter of mentality and doing what's commonly done --
without a lot of deep thought. (Akin to "nobody ever got fired for buying

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