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Olin Lathrop wrote:

>> But I think (hope) that open source (not necessarily free) software is
>> the future.
> But open source IS essentially free whether it's supposed to be or not.
> There is no way to prevent people from building and using as many copies as
> they like for free, and experience has shown that's exactly what will
> happen.  

You can say the same for closed source software. I (you, we) can get pretty
much every commercially successful PC software for free. There is no way to
prevent people from hacking and/or copying commercial closed source
software and using as many copies as they like for free -- and experience
shows that this does not result in a break-down of the commercial software
market. FWIW, there even seems to be a (positive) correlation between
financial success of a product and the availability of (illegal) free
copies of it. The lack of availability of illegal free copies is /not/
commonly among the reasons why people pay for licenses.

> Obviously you can't force some kind of license use with open software
> since that part of the code can be removed, then a version built that
> doesn't require a license.

I'm not so sure. As a thought experiment: imagine all published software
being open source. Code copying would become much more obvious, wouldn't

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