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Thread: I say it is spinach . . .
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Olin Lathrop wrote:

>> >And how are people supposed to support themselves while they create
>> these
>> free tools for you?  So software engineers are supposed to give away
>> their
>> labor for free, but others who produce food, build houses, make cars,
>> refine
>> gasoline, and even manufacture PICs are allowed to charge what they
>> can get?
OK, Olin, I have given some thought to it, and decided that it is not
really worth arguing about.  So I will concede the point and  not
discuss it any further.  Those who agree with me (may be zero for all I
know) will agree, and those who do not probably will not be convinced by
any argument that I could muster.

From now on I will just read postings and not insert opinions.  (And a
vast shout of "Yay!" is heard.  :-)


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