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Thread: I say it is spinach . . .
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William Chops Westfield wrote:

> Sure Parallax's "Basic Stamp" qualifies?  Arguably it's operating
> system like capabilities are more useful than the basic language.
> While I don't know offhand of any commercial products that contain
> an actual basic stamp, my impression is that it has been pretty useful
> in assorted pieces of custom equipment and such...

To be honest, I do not know much about the Basic Stamp.  Someone started
sending me a publication called "Nuts and Volts" out of the blue for
awhile (and quit after a short while just as mysteriously as they
started) which had some stuff about that in it.  But it looked me like
you had to program the thing in Basic, and I admit to an unnatural,
visceral loathing for Basic.  So never did look into it.  But I did buy
a book about robots the other day (at a book sale at the public library
-- I really was just donating money to the library) and it had some
information about a Basic Stamp being used to control a robot.  Not sure
how much of a robot it is, since its entire existence seems to consist
of running into walls, but as I understand it from the article it
staggers back, decides that was a wall, and goes in a different
direction (until it encounters another wall).  Reminds me of some people
I know.  Anyway . . . bottom line . . . I will look more closely at the
Basic Stamp.  Perhaps they could be convinced to think in  terms of a C
Stamp.  :-)

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