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Thread: fried 16F88?
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Jinx wrote:

>> Haha, I'm English (basically) and nuts and don't you forget it ;-)
Yeah.  Well, to find a good sense of humour in an Englishman is even
more surprising than finding it in a Kiwi! :-)  (No offense meant, and
hope none is taken).

>> PS I meant shamisen. "shamiken", according to Google, is an author
I ignored the misspelling since the meaning was evident.  And it is only
the Western rendering of an oriental pronounciation in any event.  And
anyway, ganji ears never get it correct -- too many nuances.

Perhaps James And His Cohorts (sounds like a rock band) might think
seriously about requiring that all questions and responses henceforth be
in the haiku format.  Might cut down on the signal-to-noise ratio.  Example:

I have a question
I think my chip may have died
tell me what is wrong


Perhaps you plugged it
so that the north became south
that could do the trick.

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