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Thread: Life Straw - drinkable water for $2/year ???
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> > These have been available in the U.S. in backpacking supply stores
> > for maybe, what, 20 years?
> Portable backpackers filters have been around for a long time.
> But, if you read the detail, it sounds like they have tried to produce
> a version that covers most of the nasties and far more so than
> existing designs. If you look at the "staging" it's impressive. Two
> stages of PE filter at two sizes. Then an iodine bed. Than a  void
> space to allow iodine action. Then an activated carbon filter aimed at
> removing dead greeblies and iodine taste and some contaminants. And a
> $US2 cost price. No doubt NOT a $US2 selling price to backpackers.
> They do mention a backpackers version.
> Shame that it is not Giardia effective.

Shame indeed.  If it filters fast enough to be of use to a person
slurping from a cup, I wonder if it would work well in a siphon

I'm looking for a cheap, space-effective solution for wilderness
camping trips, especially one that doesn't involve pumping for
two hours a day.

Mike H.

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