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Thread: recomended PICs for hobbyists
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Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:

>> What I ment was more like :
>What would you think of an dsPIC30
>without the DSP engine ?
I think that I could rephrase that as "would a dsPIC30 without the DSP
engine be just as useful other than in exceptional cases?"  And I think
it is too early to be able to know, without some creative thinking and
studying.  I know some war stories where a device designed for
thus-and-thus wound up being very valuable for something other than what
it was designed to do.  The CPU on the Control Data 6600, which was
designed strictly as an arithmetic processor but wound up doing a lot of
the OS work also, comes to mind as a prime example.  So it may just be
that the DSP engine has uses no one has yet thought of.   But I'll
confess that I have not yet looked at it.  :-(


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