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Thread: recomended PICs for hobbyists
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Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:

>> With your insight, what do you think
>about the coming PIC24 (DSP-less
>PIC30) ?
I don't know as I have that much insight, but thanks for the
compliment.  I have not seen anything on the PIC24 (other than your
postings) so really am not qualified to comment.   Sounds like it will
be a nice chip, though.  Fuel cell cars will be nice, too, when they get
here.  In the meantime, though, the old Toyota has to keep chugging along.

>> What programming tools *are* there
>today that supports dsPIC ?
>I know about IDC2 and Olins ProProg, but
>apart from that ?
Beats the h--- out of me.  I think that was one of the complaints about
it that I listed.   Sounds like I came across as a champion of the ds30F
line, which was not intended, if so.  I merely gave the initial
impressions that I had so far, since I thought they might be of interest.


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