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Thread: I say it is spinach . . .
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William Chops Westfield wrote:

> > (darn tag keep dissappearing.  Perhaps at Olin's...  We did decide
> on "EE", right?)

Yeah, I think that is Olin.  It is hard for him to entirely banish his
evil twin.  :-)

> Wow.  You're obviously coming at things from an entirely different
direction than I was thinking.  I don't see how an operating system
would have ANY bearing on the C vs Harvard architecture issues that
most of us seem to be talking about.  I've always found that C *is*
pretty OS-independent.

I don't see that the Harvard architecture is that big a deal, to be
honest.  Program memory is separate from data memory. That can be
finessed by the commpiler.  And yes, C is OS independent -- but only
from the perspective of  the C programmer.  Not from the perspective of
the person who implements C on a particular architecture.  The
implementation has to talk to the hardware -- no way around that -- and
it can do it either directly or through a third party (the OS).  The
hardware has been so sophisticated (even on $2 PIC's) for so many years
now that I cannot see that it is really worthwhile not to use that third
party.  While I feel sure that there are applications in which every
cycle counts, I would venture to guess that most applications leave the
poor PIC sitting there bored to tears most of  the time.  (Yeah, I know
-- I said earlier that I don't necessarily think an OS ion a PIC s a
good idea -- and I still think that.  But I think it is a fascinating
idea, whether good or not.  Like exploring Mars, I suppose).

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