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Thread: Proper tagging, was: I say it is spinach and to hell with it!
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William Chops Westfield wrote:

> > As one of the people who added a PIC tag, I interpreted your
> original as being mostly about microchip's C30, and therefore
> definitely [PIC]  (

Well, gosh, I thought that I was not going to say anything else on this
thread, but guess I kind of have to just say a few more words.  The
original post referred to the C30 compiler, that is correct, but not in
reference to PIC's.  It was strictly in reference to the relationship
that the C30 compiler has to a true C compiler.  So based upon comments
by different people, chief among them being James Newton, if I had it to
do all over again I would have made it [EE], which is now where I think
it should have gone

And by the way, I enjoyed the discussion.  The flaming was bearable,
with only minor singes.  :-)  I stand corrected and realize that no one
ever said the C30 compiler was a true C compiler, so my complaining
about it was wrong.  (HOWEVER, just as a departing rant, let me say that
there are, or have been, or will be, people who had a C course in
college, get into doing PIC programming as a hobby thing, and assume
that they are well prepared to start programming the little buggers
since they know C.  I say "hobby thing" because while the beginning
professionals might think that, supervisors know better).


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Subject (change) Proper tagging, was: I say it is spinach and to hell with it!

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