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Thread: International Satellite Reception
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Herbert Graf wrote:

> It really is a shame that there isn't a "more free" way to get TV from
> other parts of the world.
> (although it's completely free in Europe),

While I agree that it might be "more convenient" to get "more free" TV
programs, and also agree that it would help many things if the "more light"
type of information TV provides would be "more easily" available from other
countries, TV is by no means "completely free" in Europe.

TV production in Europe costs the same (if not more) than in the USA and
other places. The "free" programs you watch there are paid for by the taxes
of the residents of the place. It therefore makes a lot of sense that they
-- besides their taxes -- don't pay any more for it (that's why it seems to
be "free"), whereas if you watch it on a cable or satellite channel from
far away, the feed is not free at all -- after all, the viewers of that
feed don't pay taxes in the country where that program comes from. While
you are there, you are kind of a guest and don't have to pay for watching
it, even though you don't pay taxes there.

There is no free lunch, not even in Europe. There's always somebody paying
for it. And it seems only natural for me that European public TV would not
put their feeds out for free internationally, but rather charge whatever
the market price is. (That said, there are of course some free
international programs. But they always have some kind of "public"
objective, like promoting the originating country's culture.)

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