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Thread: I say it is spinach and to hell with it!
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I have spent the afternoon going through the Microchip C30 user manual.  
This is truly an exciting task.  Never looked at C for a PIC before, but
figured it was time that I did.  Kind of a disappointment.  Wish I had
not done that.  Spoiled my day.

In the interests of full disclosure, let me say that I learned C from
the original  Kernighan and Ritchie book.  Not from a class, but from
sitting down with the book and figuring out how things worked.  I never
did agree with the "second edition" crap, in which they gave in to the
ANSI committee (my personal view on that is that "a camel is a horse
designed by a committee") but OK, that is the way it was, and I taught
the ANSI stuff to a whole lot of people in computer science classes.  
Never did get into C++, which I look upon about the same way I look upon
Starbucks coffee -- if you like it, fine, but I'll just stick with what
I have been drinking for years.   :-)  C++ is designed for people who
are not willing to be careful.

The point being -- is anyone ever going to stand up and say  the emperor
has no clothes?  This C30 stuff is not C.  It is related to the C
language, true.  But C is device independent   C30 is definitely not!  I
am not at all sure that the gulf between the Harvard architecture and
the Von Neumann architecture is not too wide to transverse, to be
honest.  I am all for getting a bit beyond assembly language (although I
think it should be required in kindergarten for all children) bu perhaps
we should not call it C if that is not what it is.  IMHO.  Flames
welcome.  (I have an abestos shield, in addition to being virtuous)..

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