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Thread: [TECH] FTP server for Windows
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Russell McMahon wrote:

> Anyone like to recommend a (preferably free) FTP server for Windows.

I guess you are aware that ftp is a pain for firewall configuration --
either on the server side (passive ftp) or on the client side (active ftp).

Most ftp connections these days are probably passive, because of the easier
client configuration, and because in many connection configurations active
ftp just doesn't work. But it puts the burden of adequate handling of the
(almost) arbitrary connection ports for data connections on the server

The easiest way around this is IMO a router that has a built-in VPN server.
Allows you to connect from a remote location to your local LAN, and most
firewall/safety issues are out of the way. You still can use an ftp server
then to transfer the files, but you don't have to worry so much about
firewall configuration, as the ftp traffic is protected by the VPN

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