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Thread: Best way to dissassemble a hex file
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Marcel Birthelmer wrote:

> > Hmm, looknig at the source, I'd guess that the problem might be
> related to a bad kind of line break. Are you passing this file between
> windows and unix? Try running unix2dos on it. But that's just a guess.

Yeah, that was my first guess also, since I did indeed pass the file
from Windows to Linux.  I ran dos2unix (which is what I think you meant
to say) on the file.  It is the same either way.  I'll play around with
it some  That thing about gpdasm saying "8 bytes" seems to indicate that
it only read the first line.  I have some of Wouter's old hex files on
the system (they came with the Wisp628 stuff) so will see if it does the
same thing with one of those files.

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