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Thread: Best way to dissassemble a hex file
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Marcel Birthelmer wrote:

> > gpdasm in the gputils package (for linux) does this quite well.

Well, actually it did NOT do it quite well!  It complained about the
checksum and didn't do any disassembly.  Importing the hex file into
MPLAB did work, which presumably implies that the hex file is OK.  I'm
kind of curious about why gpdasm didn't work -- may well have been
cockpit error.  I called it with "gpdasm -p 18f452 file.hex" and it just
said "Checksum error" and quit.  I then called it with "gpdasm -p 18f452
-i file.hex" and it said "hex file format:  inhx16" and "number of
bytes: 8".  That number of bytes thing is kind of worrisome, because
file.hex has 566 bytes.

So any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?  (Although MPLAB solves the
problem, I'd like to be able to use gpdasm)

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