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Thread: Servo motor H bridge control
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Bob Blick wrote:

> Personally I do not use that method, if I am doing a wide range PID that
> must be very quick and accurate, I use a lookup table to linearize the
> PWM.

Sounds like I won't use it either; it seems that there are better solutions
for all the goodies of the "locked rotor".

Talking about the PID controller... I've been wondering about one thing.
When I put the output of the controller into the PWM duty cycle, that
translates basically to a voltage, and roughly to a motor speed. But when
I'm doing a position control, this means that the P part of the PID
controller is not really a position-proportional part, it's actually a
position-integral part. And so on, for the other two parts -- all shifted
one towards integral. Which seems to mean that the I part is completely
superfluous, and it's not trivial to get a good D part.

Do I miss something here?

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