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Thread: Best way to disassemble a hex file
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Jinx wrote:


Whoa!  Three replies, on a Saturday afternoon!  Don't you guys ever
sleep?  :-)

Thanks much for the info.  I have enough now to go on I think.  I'll
just tell you what this is all about, for grins.  I wrote a really neat
program back a few years ago, on an 18F452, and then lost the source
because I got a virus and had to wind up dipping the harddisk in
kerosene (figuratively speaking).  So I wanted to try and see if I could
read the hex from the chip (which  I did, thanks to Wisp628) and now if
I can just disassamble it I should be able to get my source back again
(it was in assembly language).

Thanks again, and have a good weekend.


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Subject (change) Best way to disassemble a hex file

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