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Thread: [TECH] FTP server for Windows
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  > Anyone like to recommend a (preferably free) FTP server for Windows.
  > There are many out there. I'm more interested in ease of ownership
  > than features. If I can have both so much the better.
  > Being able to read and write files remotely is about the extent of my
  > spec. Anything else is icing.
  > WAR FTP sounds OK
  >         http://www.warftp.org/
  > One slight detraction is the site's repeated attempts to download
  > double-click tracking material not only when you access the page (as
  > many sites do) but at ongoing intervals. Spybot deals with that, but
  > it's annoying.
  > Any favourites, and why?
I really like WS_FTP from Ipswitch. ( http://www.ipswitch.com ).
I use the free version to upload files to our
website and it's super easy to use and flawless.
No spyware or any other malware.
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