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Thread: [TECH] FTP server for Windows
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Russell McMahon wrote:

> Anyone like to recommend a (preferably free) FTP server for Windows.
> There are many out there. I'm more interested in ease of ownership
> than features. If I can have both so much the better.

If you have any Pro (2k or XP) version, try IIS... pretty easy, already
there, and if you're worried about security, FTP is not for you anyway. (I
don't want to get into a web/ftp server war here... but IIS is being used
successfully in large and safety-critical operations.)

> While I'm here, thoughts on a suitable (again preferably free) Windows
> based POP3 server? Again, ease of ownership is the primary factor.

You could try one of the Hamsters. Hamster is a news and email (pop3 and
smtp) server. It comes in two flavors: "Classic"
http://www.tglsoft.de/misc/hamster_en.htm and "Playground"
http://www.elbiah.de/hamster/index.htm. The differences between the
versions (both seem to be active) are subtle... I use the Playground
version as a local news server.

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