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Thread: Which is best ICD2 clone?
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John J. McDonough wrote:

> I think so.  I'm just not sure.  The USB/Serial needs to somehow hook the
> serial driver, I'm not totally comfortable with how all that happens. That's
> why I said "a little squeamish".

I guess they don't "hook" in the classic sense, they rather present
themselves to Windows as a serial device driver -- similar to the drivers
of multi-serial boards, which have been on the market long before USB
serial ports.

These drivers obviously depend on the application using them through the
presented interface, and they may have (undocumented) limitations and bugs
in the implementation of the serial API.

That's actually something the Windows driver certification was designed to
help overcome, but again, the market forces are such that a few bucks
cheaper is so much more effective than certified drivers that certified
drivers are becoming practically extinct... and then people complain that
drivers are unstable :)  But I think the manufacturers did their part in
not advertising properly who has and who hasn't certified drivers, to even
give this fact a chance of becoming a marketing item.

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