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Thread: version of Windows XP for PICDEM FS USB
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Chen Xiao Fan wrote:

>> From: Pierre B [KILLspamatalantedecrissespamspam_OUTyahoo.fr]
>> [...] a more recent version of windows XP. (the first doesn't have the
>> Service Pack)
> Why not update to Windows SP 2? Now at least SP1 is required to be
> able to update Windows anyway. SP2 is a must anyway for security
> reasons.

Not only SP2 -- every published patch. Most of the infection waves that
brought Windows security so much into the public spotlight were caused by
security breaches for which patches had been available for a long time.

The whole idea of public scrutiny making systems more secure (basically the
philosophy behind open source security) relies on people actually patching
their systems after security holes have been discovered. That goes for
Linux just the same as for Windows. If they don't, the systems are much
less secure after the publication than before, for obvious reasons.

You don't want to start the next infection wave, do you? :)  

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