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Thread: Which is best ICD2 clone?
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John J. McDonough wrote:

> > I do suspect that if one starts with a clean computer with no trace
> of MPLAB, and follows Microchip's instructions TO THE LETTER, the ICD2
> will work just fine.  Most of the problems seem to stem from left over
> bits of USB drivers or people taking "harmless" shortcuts.  Well, that
> and programming cables too long (the cable needs to be really short!)
> Just some thoughts...

Thanks for the thoughts.  :-)  Actually, I have the ICD2 from Microchip,
and it seems to work just fine (once I managed to get the drivers
installed correctly).  My interest in putting together a clone version
of the same thing is more along the path of fun than of necessity.   And
perf board construction is more up my alley -- I doubt that I could
produce a PCB if my life depended on it.

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