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Thread: Shipping from Europe to the USA
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Ian Lesnet <@spam@piclistRemoveMEspamKILLspammit.edu> wrote:

> I live in the Netherlands. I know we have some smaller freight
> shippers.  You might try TNT, they deliver most of my sample orders.
> Just last month I shipped a package from the DHL office with 1500
> euros insurance, thats nearly $2000.  It didn't seem that they had a
> limit, and the cost was reasonable (1% of value, IIRC).
> As for customs and duties: I'm not too sure.

   Thank you very much, Ian.

   By the way, I did some more research and discovered that this
   particular item (artwork) falls under a duty-free classification, so
   at least I don't have THAT issue to worry about anymore.


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