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Thread: Ebay brokerage
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> I am about to purchase an item on Ebay, but have a reason to distrust
> the seller.  I intend to pay with Paypal, but not sure that I have any
> easy protection in case of probelms.  I would like to know if there are
> any safe 3rd party brokerage services that I can use for a small fee to
> protect me if the item isn't as described.

   The easiest advice, of course, is: If you don't trust the seller,
   don't buy from him.

   If you have no choice, though, what you're looking for is an escrow
   -- either a commercial escrow service like escrow.com, or a
   knowledgeable friend geographically near the seller.

   If you go with a commercial service, use escrow.com; they're
   recommended by Ebay.  DON'T use another escrow service unless you
   have some way to know FOR CERTAIN that they're legitimate.  Details
   of the escrow process are available at:


   I've used escrow.com a couple of times; it's pretty painless.  You
   may even be able to convince your seller to split the escrow fee
   with you.


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